Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fred Thompson's the man!

I guess I had better just say it right now and get it over with.

I'm a fan of Fred Thompson. It all started with his little splurge of fame when he burst on the scene last year. Like everyone else, I almost forgot about him when he took forever to get into the race officially. But now, I've started to appreciate that very attitude which probably held him back. He's real. He doesn't come across as someone who has lived his life for becoming president (like so many of the others). He has been so many other things his whole life -- anything but a career politician. These are all huge plus signs to me. When someone starts calling a candidate lazy, my ears perk up -- I've never seen a busy-body senator that I liked.

I'm convinced that Fred's diversity of skills will serve him well. He is a prolific writer, a respected actor, a lawyer, former senator and he has served in many policy oriented roles. I appreciate the fact he only served briefly in the senate -- I would be worried if he spent too much time there because it is one of the worst training grounds for serving as our chief executive -- history will bear witness.

I've more recently begun to appreciate Fred Thompson even more since listening to him debate and if he doesn't win, I will still remain a big fan. He has set the benchmark for dignity and class in this race.

For those who question whether he would hold up well against the Dem nominee, bear in mind that will be a very different race than the primaries and we will need someone who is able: 1) to stay dignified and above the fray, 2) someone who is a scholar and is concise and articulate with the full conservative message, 3) someone who can win the south in a landslide, and 4) someone who is consistent, strong and above reproach.

No one will be perfect in all of these things but I am convinced Fred Thompson is the closest thing we have. Call it one man's opinion if you like. I'm extremely disappointed and chilled by what I see in other candidates who take advantage of good intentioned Christians, covering liberal records with religious rhetoric.

Don't waste your vote on the talkers and spinners. Thompson says what he means and he is careful when he says it. Half-cocked he is not.

Excuse me while this broke journalist goes to make his token campaign donation.


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Blogger Curt and Jen said...

Hey Mark,
I appreciate your insightful thoughts on the presidential candidates. Although I don't carefully keep up with the campaign reports and such, I am interested, and I have been a bit confused regarding Ron Paul. Your comments have helped to clear the fog.


3:24 PM, January 11, 2008  
Blogger Mark R said...

Hey I'm happy to hear from you considering you are my only real link to SC.

And good to hear from you for hearing sake too! Take care.

3:39 PM, January 11, 2008  

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