Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Didier's supreme denial

I have to say I was actually impressed by this batch of election-related analysis. Peter Callighan, columnist for the Tacoma News Tribune, seems to be a keen (and refreshingly cynical) observer of both the Washington electorate, as well as the candidates running. A few days ago, he wrote this piece about Didier's list of demands for Dino Rossi to "earn" his support.

It's funny. See I thought Rossi thrashing the field on election day was what should have earned Didier's support. Instead, as Callighan points out, Didier has revealed a streak of supreme arrogance:
Put most generously, Didier won the support of 25 percent of state voters who said they are Republicans.

Not bad for a protest candidate but not enough to start making demands of the winner.

To invoke the sports metaphors Didier loves so much, the Mariners will win 40 percent of their games but still not be arrogant enough to tell the Yankees how to win games.

Yet there Didier was, announcing publicly what he claims he told Rossi in private – that Rossi must meet Didier’s demands before Didier will campaign for him.
On a side note, while every candidate likes to paint a winning image on the trail, I did find Didier's website and published information a bit over the top in terms of pretending he was the front-runner (like he was in denial) Akers, as optimistic a guy as he is, didn't shy away from the fact that he would have a tough time winning.


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