Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Concerning Blogs

What can I say? What should I think? Should I consider this just another novelty to be enjoyed? What do I want it to be? I can't help but wonder where it will end up. I mean, there's so many ways that I could just have fun with it...on the other hand I've never had the opportunity to share my most serious thoughts in a setting such as this. What to do!?

It was bad enough that I picked a terrible time to set up the name and address and all the little details like that...I was supposed to be running out the door to an oral board meeting for choosing my successor to the cadet commandership of my squadron in the Civil Air Patrol. Maybe I'll regret having named it what I did...but not yet.

I'm going to sign off without having said too much tonight. Alas, the morning work schedule doesn't allow for a late night.

An introduction of some sort should be in order I guess--another time.
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