Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Glenn Beck's roots

It's an interesting fact that many locals have long known, but cared little about. Apparently the mayor of Mount Vernon cares, though, and is giving the political commentator the key to the city because he's a local who made it big. I remember when The Cascade Radio Group was promoting the new lineup on KGMI, they mentioned the fact that Beck was a local... I believe he actually graduated from high school in Bellingham as well. But don't expect Dan Pike to be handing out keys any time soon!
The mayor of Mount Vernon has made it official. Mayor Bud Norris says he will give the key to his city to conservative talk show host Glenn Beck on September 26.

Norris says Beck will deliver a short talk that night and become the first person to receive a key to the city in the six years Norris has been mayor.

Protesters from the Skagit County Young Democrats walked outside city hall Tuesday with protest signs, one reading "Change the locks!"

What did Jesus say? A prophet is not without honor except among his own? I guess we we'll see. Whether you agree with him or not, Beck does have talent.

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