Friday, June 04, 2004

A bend (or bump?) in the road

Last night was the end of a long road for me in my Civil Air Patrol "career." My term as cadet commander of my unit is now officially done. I served a total of two years, while most serve for about six months to a year. The transition was big yet simple. The Wing (state) commander was their for the presentation of some awards that were pending (including my "Earhart"). I was allowed a last prepared speech to the cadets before the change--which was made all the more interested since part of my family was there. It was not quite as smooth as it could have been and I said about half of what I would have liked, but I had some good feedback from people I really respect so I can't exactly say I am disappointed. Besides, how could anyone be unhappy when mom also thought it was good? All in all, I don't think I came nearly close enough to communicating just how much I have loved my time as cadet commander--and how much I will miss it!
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