Friday, March 11, 2005

Coming up for air

My right typing hand is not working very well right now, so my typing is a little apologies for this annoyance... No, actually it must be because I did some softball warm-up yesterday with Ben for a little bit, causing some sore tendons before committing myself to the rest of what became of last night.

So the last week has been a climax of sorts. True, finals week begins on Monday, but I only but one exam on Monday and then I might as well be on spring break--i.e. free to work on applications, taxes, "blog development," reading and the like.

Looking back, I realize the reason this week has been so tough--it involved all of my classes. I finished up on the newspaper (till next quarter), and reporting class--both took up the greater portion of the week. Then last night, after finishing my last reporting assignment that very morning, I finally got the chance to start my final paper for Political Theory. What a sad state of affairs when others in the class have been working on this for two weeks and you have but one night to do it all. Alas, but my life is fun! The sick headache wore off at about 1 this morning, thanks to mom's faithful doctoring, two cups of coffee and a Tylenol, and then it was time to break out the writing prompt and start forming words in some kind of cohesive fashion. The well deserved fruitlessness of my efforts was predictable--at least until 6:30 and I decided to nap for an hour or two. That accomplished, I hit it again and slowly began to chip away at the white space still unfilled. Unfortunately, I had to wrap it up before I reached the minimum length requirements and still ended up about 40 minute late to class. Class was at 11:30.

Being late for this class is significant, not only because the professor is a hard core, old school, philosophical guru type, but also because I have been late more than anyone else in the class...and everybody knows it! Most of the time it's because of an newspaper interview running long or something like that and I think he knows as much. I do have one thing working for me, though: I have never missed a class.

This time I determined to not let it bother me too much. However, as I opened the door to the classroom, I conspicuously averted my eyes and tried to make my smirk a little less noticeable--the door being conveniantly situated between professor and his audience... Thankfully, Professor Miller was in a good humor. I started across the room to the only empty desk and he quipped, "You've only one more day to be late Mark!" Everyone chuckled and that was that.


Ok, did anyone want to know about that? No matter--if I'm fortunate, this will be read widely enough so I won't have to rely it verbally. Now, a little critical thinking test for all of you!

You have good critical thinking skills if,...

...after you read the above anecdote, you questioned what I was doing throwing a softball with a headache and a big assignment due the next morning...

Well...oh fine, so you might have good critical thinking even though you all failed the test!
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Blogger Kristi said...

wow, you took a tylenol....I'm impressed ;)
I suppose throwing the softball around could have been a beneficial break before tackling such a feat :).
In any case, you certainly didn't have the healthiest week...:(
Take care.

11:38 AM, March 12, 2005  
Blogger Rebekah said...

Oh yes bro--I was sitting there in the office feeling the vibes of your frustration...but actually I was impressed with how calm you managed to remain despite all. But I felt your pain. I think it must be something you have to learn to deal with when you're in a position like yours...for myself I think I would simply learn to hate myself rather than trust God and lean on Him for strenth. =(

3:27 PM, March 13, 2005  

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