Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm a senior -- now, then and always

This is appropriate since it's less then an hour until I turn twenty-four. It seems there are people out there who have a unique vision for me. The best one is this group who apparently thinks I'm ready to retire -- maybe my boss would agree!

No problem! I'll just present this letter next time there is an opportunity for a senior discount.

But the fun doesn't end there. Another group out there wants to call me a senior as well. They just went about it differently.

Hope you can read that. I've circled the date so you know it was sent to me AFTER I got this:

Oh well. I suppose it can't be all bad for them to keep sending me encouraging letters telling me that I'm so close to graduations, and to give it one more shot. But no. I already tried to call them up to tell them to stop wasting my tax money on letters telling me I'm still a senior. No luck yet.

Cheers! I'm a senior!


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Blogger Jennifer said...

That seniors letter is hilarious!!! Especially considering all the 'gray hair' conversations lately. hehehe

Sorry, couldn't let that one go with out a comment...:)

9:50 PM, February 26, 2008  
Blogger Mark said...

Someone else saw a picture on Facebook and thought I had gray in my hair again. I think I should just put it in permanently to avoid confusion.

1:03 PM, February 29, 2008  

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