Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sovereignty reloaded

Real character is not shown when everything is going your way; it is demonstrated when you are left alone, when a sudden shock has cheated you out of the resources on which you have come to depend, when unexpected adversities present themselves with a malicious ferocity, and you're living on the edge of fear and faith.
-- John Ashcroft
It's worth taking time to observe the work of God's hand. I pray God would open my eyes wider to it every day. Sometimes I can get so blind, God takes his gracious intervention to shocking levels to remind me just how much of my life is out of my hands.

So I'm giving thanks now that God is sovereign. He condescends to show it to me in gracious ways when I am forgetful, when I completely forget what a life of faith looks like, when I am "cheated you out of the resources on which [I] have come to depend."

This is how I put it in an email to a friend today:

"I have much to be thankful for and God is "reteaching" me the basics of his sovereignty. Sometimes things just happen to work together for good despite my expectations to the contrary."


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