Friday, January 20, 2012

The tragic Newt Gingrich

I've really been trying to bite my tongue.

But I can't. I just read this from a deranged Newt supporter:

"I don't care a bit if he had one wife or 21 wives and 21 girlfriends, and you shouldn't care, either. What I do care about is a guy who can lead this country..."
That's an ironic development from a group of people who seem to be suspicious of Mormon politicians -- you know, with that sect's history of polygamy. But it doesn't matter apparently, as long as you are a louse with the trappings of a southern gentleman.

Let's just say that "conservatives" have come a long way since the Clinton era. Perhaps you all need a crash course on how personal integrity DOES affect capacity for leadership. How is this even up for dispute? No one with an understanding of leadership would deny that first and foremost, integrity is critical for real leadership.

Suggested reading: "The American Leadership Tradition," by Marvin Olasky. Tolle Lege! Yes, there's a tragic chapter on Clinton and an updated edition should definitely include a similar chapter on Newt Gingrich.


I was able to post this without telling you who I will vote for. Let's just say my inclination has not changed from the beginning of the campaign and probably won't till the end of it.