Thursday, December 04, 2008

Annie get your gun

I guess this should come as no surprise: Smart people all over America are investing in firearms since the elections determined that their 2nd amendment right's might be at stake. Kind of a rebellious streak in the American people -- basically a "if you want to take them, there's going to be a lot to collect" kind of attitude.

This news story tells the tail...
the gun lobby spent big trying to defeat Obama this year, outraged by his promise to reinstate a ban on military-style assault weapons. On talk radio, he was denounced as a "gun grabber." Now, as Obama heads to the White House, millions are rushing to reload.
Interestingly, a friend of mine, who now works at a gun distribution warehouse in the Midwest, confirmed in an email to me that "We've been slammed with orders since Osa -- eh hem -- Obama was elected."

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