Monday, June 21, 2004

A piece of the action

Yes, I admit it! I play co-ed softball! More than that, my team has not won a game after about 11 of them!

Oh well. The typical response is to say: "hey, it's just a game and we are playing for the fun of it." Yes, this is true and I would not attempt to deny that I have fun doing it. To summarize my feelings on the topic, though: I think it would be even more fun to actually win a game! I can't even imagine how this team would react! I think they would just sit there stunned. Today, one of our players hit a grand-slam, but no one in the dugout even noticed it till I interrupted their conversation to point out their teammates' accomplishment. *sigh* They just don't know how to properly celebrate something like that! It makes me more content with the fact that my slight bodyweight (135 lb) has yet to allow me access to such hitting prowess.

This is the first season that I have been able to pitch! It's really kind of fun--a little nerve-racking to begin with but I'm over that and satisfied that I can do it. I've also played outfield, shortstop and more recently, second base. I don't mind second but to be quite honest, outfield is my thing! I love the wind running in my hair as I chase a fly ball no one thinks I can reach--then I reach out and snag it with the tip of my glove! Ah, the beauty of it all!

One of these days I'm going to play on a team with higher standards. That will be another story and I don't yet know how I would stack up. All in the future, though.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Second base was always my favorite position to play. Something about the infield has always attracted me. :)

~ Jason

5:07 AM, June 22, 2004  

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