Thursday, January 06, 2005

Misguided zeal

The orange ribbons for cars are hot off the presses it seems. People are catching on. The Dems are fighting back, of course. They needn't worry though, if this site is an example of how we expect to persuade fellow Washingtonians that we are not partisan hacks playing crybaby.

When I was done scrolling down the first page, I began to wonder if this was a Democratic Party plant trying to sabotage the revote effort. This has to be the worst combination of rant and color clash that I have ever seen in one example!

Just look at this excerpt:

8 Questions to help you define your political orientation

Are you: “4” or Against
1. Marriage = 1 man & 1 Woman?
2. Pro Life?
3. Small Government?
4. Tax Cuts?
5. Control on Immigration?
6. Leaving God in the Pledge?
7. Foundation in morality?
8. Limiting liberal activist Judges
ability to Legislate from the bench!

If you are “4” all these points you are Conservative

If you are against 1,2,3,7 & 8 you are a liberal.

If a person is liberal and claims to be a Christian, they are in conflict with a biblical values system!

5 Actions you can take To have an impact on Government and your Future!!

1. Register to Vote!
2. Get informed through conservative talkradio and watch Fox News!
3. Find out Who your Law Makers and Judges are!
4. Program your District Law Makers into your phone!
5. Register and volunteer with and spread the word.

For one the language is appallingly ambiguous. Then they make an arbitrary list of conservative values (as if we can be put into a bottle to be sold on the shelf). They start making what I can only call philosophical arguments based on nothing (whether true or not, this is hardly the place or time). Since when do I have to watch FOX News to have an impact on my future?!


While the base of revote supporters are by default Republican, we still have to deal with the stigma that we are just sore losers--a favorite accusation of ours when the Dems were behind. This site does everything in the world to keep that image alive. Mr. Rossi did not say he is fighting this because he thinks he is the winner and that he ought to be Governor. He said he is fighting because the system is in shambles--and most people in Washington agree. The method employed by this site reminds me of someone advertising hats at a Quaker gathering and then attempting to sell guns to them.

Why do we have to act like this is simply party politics?

Visit the site if you want but don't buy anything from them. Buy real orange ribbons from your local drugstore!
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