Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Christmas break?

I remember telling myself that I wanted to sit back and enjoy this time away from school. I wanted to be able to plow through book after book; I wanted to study what I want to study. No can do.

True, I have gotten through one's a good thing I didn't stop at any point during that process because my free time is now gone. I took an early assignment from the university paper and I'm getting broken into the deadlines way ahead of time. Not only that, but last night I got a phone call from an editor asking me to go cover a press conference in Bellingham. Now, I have to admit it's nice to have such a head start on garnering points for the quarter, but this is even more than I could have imagined.

My deadline is tomorrow (Thursday) and I'm still getting interviews hashed out.

I'm praying for sanity as I start the plunge...
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Blogger Kristi said...

oh wow-I'll be praying for you too!
I know what you mean about not being able to read all those long desired books. I keep running from book to book, never finishing one completely. I guess I am in a frenzy to sample as much as I possibly can before my own fight for sanity begins :)

1:10 PM, December 29, 2004  
Blogger Wheelson said...

I've watched many of my friends enter the worlk world thinking they'd have tons of time to study and read the things they want to read. More often than not, by the time we're done working a full day, when we get home the last thing we want to do is do more work!

However, reading one book is better than reading no books, so don't be too down about it. At least you've got the right attitude to continue studying outside of school.

Good luck with the deadlines.

12:46 PM, December 30, 2004  
Blogger Mark R said...

Alas, yes I am thankful for what I do receive. I would be ungrateful in the extreme to not recognize it for what it is worth.

12:38 AM, January 05, 2005  

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