Saturday, February 04, 2006

The new inquisition

Read this BBC article for the goods on how a one religion deals with offense:

Syrians have set fire to the Norwegian and Danish embassies in Damascus to protest at the publication of newspaper cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.
Protesters scaled the Danish site amid chants of "God is great", before moving on to attack the Norwegian mission.

Denmark and Norway condemned Syria for failing its international obligations and urged their citizens to leave.
I once had a conversation with a green friend from Whatcom several years ago. She was busy condemning America for bringing terrorism on itself because of its exports that promote antithetical ideals, or (I quote), "We sell Pepsi cans with Britney Spears on them. Of course they are going to be mad."

Ok, I responded. But I am every bit as offended as a Christian at such things. Do I have the green light to start a campaign of terror against America? She didn't have an answer. That's where the conversation ended.

What sets the Gospel apart? Love does--it is the summery of the law? Love God and love our neighbor as ourselves...we follow this out of thankfulness for something we didn't work for.

Benedict the islamist

Another excerpt:

The Vatican [said] the right to freedom of expression does not imply the right to offend religious beliefs.
Where is that supposed to go? So we are ready to start prosecuting (and persecuting) everyone who offends any belief that might come under the category of religion? Ok...but I forgot--this is the institution who was offended by Huss, Luther, and Tyndale, to name a few.

Thank God for the first amendment--because I might be in trouble if the Vatican was in charge here.
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Blogger Rebekah said...

Wow. Right on Mark. Love is what sets the gospel apart.

So I wonder what Roman Catholics do with popes who believe different things, or even bend with the winds of change. Does God change? Popes do. Thank goodness they won't ever be my head men.

2:14 PM, February 05, 2006  

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