Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Regarding the last post

Thanks to Mike for questioning the propriety of the last post. It is definitely worth the discussion. Here are some brief thoughts of mine pro and con.

My original reasons for posting it were admittedly not thought out. I simply thought it was funny from several different perspectives. For example: the idea that the world is based on balance is so utterly ridiculous--although interesting. Then the idea that this state balances out our nation's capital is also, while funny, equally ridiculous, but tellingly aware of how some in this state think of themselves.

On the issue of disrespect, it should be given more thought than I gave it before posting. For example, if such a story were told in video form, more people would probably react to it. But is there really a difference? Probably not--the written word should be just as accountable.
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Blogger Joshua said...

I have heard it before and I think I found it more amusing because it did not contain the word "idiots" in the punch-line. The telling of a joke makes all the difference - from being amusing, to being derogatory. Oh, and the version I heard was Canada opposed to the States :)

As far as respect for God is concerned, which I think is what people are taking issue with more...
In my opinion we have a tendency to distance ourselves from God, yet Adam and Eve walked with God! There is certainly a need to be living in the fear of the Lord, but we should also be in relationship with him. So I think sometimes, though this is more of a casual approach than I would usually take, it is good to see God in more of this light. If it were actually making fun of or mocking God that would be a different matter entirely. Thoughts?

8:44 PM, May 23, 2006  

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