Thursday, August 24, 2006

Long time gone

It is exactly 23 hours before we are scheduled to land in Buffalo. To be frank, that means I'm sitting on our home computer doing one last check around before diserting to a hermitage on the east coast somewhere.


Do take care everyone. I'll catch you on the flipflop if I don't catch a connection on the fly.
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Blogger workaholic said...

Mark check out the post I have on my blog I think it is something you would like to read

1:59 PM, August 27, 2006  
Blogger Kristi said...

Mark, did you by chance pretend to be a surgeon at this youth conference?
I just have this feeling...Or actually, let's just say I stumbled across a most fascinating picture...I always knew there was hope for you!

8:26 PM, September 08, 2006  

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