Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Journalism with Kalashnikov

Talk about stirring the pot. I must say I don't know if I would consider this until I was more established in my job. Way to show some guts.

As David Postman of the Seattle Times put it, "I've tried various ways to convince people I have no political bias. But maybe I'm just not thinking big enough"

Sam Taylor of the Bellingham Herald blogged a picture of himself holding an AK-47 which he claims he spent Thanksgiving Day firing in Idaho. Yes, the pic is funny, but he did make the point, to his credit, that people shouldn't make assumptions about his personal bias.

Here's the original post from Monday.

Here's Editor and Publisher and their story.


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Blogger iMurphy said...

I thought this might be some clever icebreaker to tell how you're a leader in a hip-hop/jazz worship team...

5:59 AM, December 14, 2007  
Blogger Mark R said...

Lol...I'd probably break it to you more gently if that were the case!

9:17 AM, December 17, 2007  

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