Monday, October 29, 2007

A hoax worth debunking

The link is no longer active. Damage control at CNN must be working.


Does someone think this is funny? Or are they so blinded by desire to serve a "higher cause" that they are willing to lie to do so? Is this meant to work in an opposite way, formulating a hoax that, when debunked, will serve to give minute men types a bad name?

Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: we have a hoax on our hands and people need to know.

Filed under this headline:
Separatists claim responsibility for California Wildfires

The article says that MEChA ("Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan"), which indeed is a separatist group, is claiming responsibility for the fires in California. Not only is it pretty far-fetched to begin with (Western has a chapter -- I'm trying to imagine the fall-out), but the URL for the story is obviously bogus (note: cnnheadLIEnews). I was made aware of this rumor early this morning. I can assure you if they actually did claim responsibility, I would be calling the Bellingham Herald, telling them they had better start asking questions of the Western Washington University chapter.

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