Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Song of Mary

I was talking to a brother at church today -- I observed how nicely the Song of Mary has been set to music -- I have been in choral groups that sung some versions and it is usually quite beautiful. Our sermon was on Luke 1 so the topic came up. He said he thought it was in our hymnal and didn't think so. It turns it is after all...for those who are interested, number 332 in the 1959 copyright of the Psalter Hymnal. From what I remember it has a great harmony. I should keep it in mind.

As printed in the book:

My soul doth magnify the Lord;
In Him my spirit doth rejoice,
For He beheld my low estate,
And in His love made me His choice.

All generations from henceforth
Shall now my blessedness proclaim,
For He has done great things to me;
Mighty and holy is His Name.

His mercy shall abide on them
That fear the Lord from age to age;
He has revealed His mighty arm,
Routing the haughty in their rage.

He has abased the mighty ones,
Exalted those of low degree;
He filled the hungry souls with good,
And smote the rich with poverty.

He helped His servant Israel,
In honor of His mercy sure;
E'en as He spake to Abraham
And to His seed forevermore.


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