Thursday, October 16, 2008

Destroying Joe

Just came across this link with Joe answering reporters questions early on. All I heard about this interview before was just that he "leaned against his black Durango" as he spoke. Listen to him! He's quite the talker!


Obama is still smarting from the way "Joe the Plumber" got him in a pickle with taxpayers. That much is obvious from the way his aids in the media are now trying to discredit Joe.

Joe Wurzelbacher has people looking for dirt on him, using redundant phrases like "not properly vetted" to conjure up their last mudslinging effort on Palin. Bidan and Obama are complaining that they've never met a plumber in their neighborhood who made $250k a year, missing several crucial points:

1) Wurzelbacher never claimed to make that much. He said he wanted to buy a company that makes that much (mind you this is GROSS INCOME!). What incentive is there for Joe to do so if he knows working harder as a business owner is going to earn him the right to have more of his work taken from him?

2) Wurzelbacher exposed a critical flaw in Obama's mentality and worldview: he believes taxes should be designed to "redistribute wealth." This absurd notion is blatant socialism, which denies the value of work and it's power to CREATE wealth.

Slinging mud at Joe the Plumber ("he's not licensed," "he owes backtaxes," etc.) may ultimately backfire on Obama. People have taken a liking to this guy because they relate to his real difficulties. He's out there trying to scratch a living and simply wants to keep what he EARNED.


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Blogger Ells said...

thanks for the link Mark! I really enjoyed listening to him speak - I like it that he's unapologetic but not offensive or angry.

8:39 PM, October 17, 2008  

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