Saturday, October 09, 2004

Apples in the infield

I think my experiences as a college student are entirely unique! Not only am I pretty ditzy, forgetful, and careless, I also get to live at home! The home aspect is the real reason for the difference of experience.

You see, my first two weeks at Western where spent just like that--at Western. It was convenient to stay there in the afternoon and work on reading assignments in peace and quiet--away from any of my own distractions at home. Life didn't continue in that way, though, going into the third week. I started not driving as much and taking the bus. Being dependant on a bus to get me home creates a greater tendency to go home early. It's just a matter of mindset--if I have the ability to jump into my car at any time of the day and drive home or anywhere for that matter, then why should I even worry about transportation? I don't think about getting home. Now, if I am taking the bus, I have a perpetual alarmclock in my head, giving me constant updates on when I will get home if I take the bus now, or the next hour...or the next...etc. It's a little harder to just sit down and read in such a mental state--so I don't end up doing much on campus.

When I do go home and those distractions do occur...

Just last Thursday, my cousin Jesse--who is the closest thing to a younger brother I have--was over and we, as usual, got out the ball and mitts. A little infield practice is just standard for us. We start easy enough, gaining power and distance as we work away at our velocity, accuracy and skill with grounders, not to mention the diving catches! It's all very fun and we savor every perfect bullet throw we can snag. Thursday's session was not too long; Jesse had homework and I was getting together with Jason and Jackie that night, so we only spent half an hour on it. The apples on the side lawn made for a perfect conclusion to our afternoon exertions! We both selected one of the beautiful, crispy spheres remaining on the dwarf trees and plopped down on the soft tepid grass. As might be expected when eating the prime of the apple produce for the year, we both agreed that these particular apples were the best we had ever tasted. What good fortune to be eating the tastiest apples in the world after such a satisfying bout of exercise! This is what makes my college experience so unique! What other college student gets to eat apples in the infield?
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Blogger Kristi said...

That makes two of us! (in regard to different college experiences)
It's good to enjoy such things every now and then while in school-it'll keep you sane ;)

10:06 PM, October 09, 2004  
Blogger Pepper_Kitty said...

It is definitely the simple things in life that can make it just right. Its those unexpected gifts of time God gives us at the right moments when we need them most (and we don’t realize it) that lends us grace to continue our work.

9:28 PM, November 13, 2004  

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