Monday, March 06, 2006

Catch of the!

Matt Drudge is showing a link to an essay by Barbra Streisand, in which she accuses Bush of being an arrogant C student:

In her February 28th, 2006 essay, Streisand flubs 11 words, a personal record.

• Irag
• curruption
• dictatoriship
• crediblity
• Adminstration
• warrented
• desperatly
• preceedings
• ouside
• subpoening
• responsibilty

...Streisand has not seen fit to run a spellcheck on the rant as of Noon, March 06.
But alas, she had when I checked the link little bit ago--and ran it through spellcheck...but don't let that stop you from seeing it: The old version is still preserved in all its currupted glory in the cache system. It's quite entertaining so read it while you can.

Some gems for safe keeping:

In the 1970’s, during the Nixon Adminstration, serious political curruption arose and the Republican leadership stepped up and took responsibilty by holding hearings and subpoening administration officials.

The arrogance of this C student who maligns his opponents’ crediblity by calling them flip floppers, is the biggest flip flopper himself!

When debating Al Gore during the 2000 presidential elections, Bush spoke against nation building, yet went into Irag a year later to national build…which we now see has resulted in disaster.
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Blogger Rebekah said...

Who's the C student now? Yes, I know that was truly unkind, however, one who cannot spell without the help of an technological brain has no place calling others C students. Not to mention the Commander in Chief of the United States of America.

4:34 PM, March 06, 2006  
Blogger Gloria said...

I can't help but find that a little humorous.

8:34 PM, March 06, 2006  
Blogger Mark R said...

Rebekah: What?
I'm not sure I follow what you mean? What do you mean commander in chief? We are talking about Streiand...

Gloria: What?
It's not humorous! It's totally mind-blowingly hilarious!

9:25 PM, March 06, 2006  
Anonymous Ruth said...

Perhapps she will be chagning her tune: is it write to disscriminate agianst a litterately-challanged majjority? This biggotry is certainly indecative ov a poppulation two fixxated on miner details, that refueses to deciphher troo meannnning. Hmm, but how does Bush fit into the equation? :P

10:34 AM, March 07, 2006  
Blogger Joshua said...

Nice catch :) That is really funny! Got to love Google's cache!
I think Rebekah was saying that Streisand has no place calling the Commander in Chief of the US a C student - not that Streisand is C in C.

2:32 PM, March 07, 2006  
Anonymous Ruth said...

LOL, by the way, Mark spelled "Streisand" wrong in his comment :P

3:59 PM, March 07, 2006  
Blogger Mark R said...

Agh! My career is over!

4:07 PM, March 07, 2006  
Blogger Rebekah said...

Ruth: good catch. ;)

Mark: ha ha ha HA ha ha!

Joshua: you nailed me (it that is) right on the head. Thanks. :)

8:02 PM, March 09, 2006  

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