Friday, April 14, 2006

Digging on a hill

In the latest from the UK's Times, is written a piece regarding a cool mystery that someone is trying to resolve once and for all. I have to make mention of this because my brother Nathan is being sent to Bosnia...the place where this story is unfolding.
...beyond Visoko rises an extraordinary triangular hill, 700ft (213m) high and looking for all the world like an ancient pyramid.
Some say that is precisely what it is — a huge pyramid built perhaps 12,000 years ago by an unknown civilization. And yesterday they set out to prove it.

In the spring sunshine, watched by crowds of locals, journalists and the contestants in this year’s Miss Bosnia competition, a team of archaeologists began excavating the so-called Pyramid of the Sun, hoping for one of the greatest finds in modern history.
Visoko looks like it is quite close to Sarajevo! The story (as told by the person financing the investigation) is intriguing:
There is more, claims Mr Osmanagic, who sports an Indiana Jones-style cowboy hat. “Radar analysis showed there are tunnels inside and they are perfectly straight and the intersections are at 90 degrees.” Satellite thermal images indicate that the hill cools faster than its surroundings, suggesting that is less dense. There was a curious “resonance” from the hill when the town was shelled during the Bosnian war.

“We’re talking about a huge construction effort here. The size of this pyramid will shock the archaeological world. It’s substantially higher than the Great Pyramid of Egypt,” said Mr Osmanagic, who has spent 15 years researching the pyramids of Central and South America.
Anyway...whatever. Maybe I should tell Nathan to do some digging.
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