Saturday, April 01, 2006

Vision when we need it

Conservatives often look toward Capitol Hill these days with the deep revulsion someone might feel at seeing a band of double-crossers—a group of people who are deaf to the warnings around them. To use the words of Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana in a February speech (which I recommend reading despite its length:
It's one thing to drift off course...

It's quite another thing to continue that course when half the crew and passengers are pointing out that nothing looks familiar ... not to mention the tens of millions of Americans lining the shoreline screaming, "You're going the wrong way!"
Indeed, Americans probably feel like they've screamed themselves hoarse...

Pence also just recently co-authored a "Contract with America, Renewed" along with Rep. Jeb Hensarling. The introduction is concise, detailed, and altogether inspiring if you are sick of hearing the common fair and political lingo. Here a link to the intro...and some excerpts right here:
In 1995, the new Majority in the House acted boldly and with initial success to enact the reform agenda it promised in the Contract. In particular, the first House Republican budget resolution that year (H.Con.Res. 67) sought to rein in the size and growth of government as the Contract called for, with all but one member of the new majority voting in favor...

...Unfortunately, we are once again at a historic crossroads in the nation’s future. Despite initial successes, Republicans today are confronted with familiar challenges: expanding government, a worsening fiscal position, and an explosive growth in spending and earmarks....

...This is not the legacy the Members of the Republican Study Committee wish to leave, a massive government and a crushing burden on future generations. In crafting this year’s budget, we have sought to update the budget passed by the first House Republican majority in a generation...We too believe that America is at a crossroads, and we too choose the path that leads to the restoration of the American dream.
The complete budget proposal is posted here on the RSC(Republican Study Committee, which Pence chairs) Web site. It's a large document so I recommend the introduction for public consumption.

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