Friday, February 16, 2007

Texas should just secede

For a good summary of events with regard to the following info, I recommend checking out the America's Most Wanted web page (links at the bottom of post). They have taken a stand on the right side of this issue and as a result have combined a lot of journalistic know-how with sensation making savy (a good thing). The story IS sensational after all, and it just keeps getting more so.

Three Texas lawmen are now being abused by the law they are sworn to uphold. On the one hand, two border agents are now serving time for "civil rights violations." On the other hand, a Deputy Sheriff, is being charged for similar offences even after he was cleared a year ago by all the immediate investigatory work on the case. In any case, it seems that illegals are doing wonders at obtaining the means to turn the American system of justice on itself--kind of like a dog chasing its tail.

How have they done it?

There seems to be a triad of anti-Americanism that have a powerful influence (at least in Texas).

Figure 1: Meet U.S. Attorney John Sutton. His disposition toward law enforcement can best be summed up here in this quote from America's Most Wanted Web site:

"This is an obvious case of he said/they said. On the one hand, there is an illegal alien, on American soil, driving a van full of about $1 million in drugs. On the other side are two experienced law enforcement officers... While the U.S. Attorney reiterated his stance on the issue, he never answered the question of why he sided with Aldrete-Davila instead of (border agents) Compean and Ramos."

Figure 2: Here you have the Mexican Government, which has attempted many times to interfere and insist on "justice" for civil rights violations... the full extent of their involvement can only be guessed though.

Figure 3: Finally there are the illegals, coyotes, drug runners, et al. Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila, is the man (term used loosely) who drove the van that was found with $1 million worth of marijuana. Supposedly, he was shot while "fleeing," a violation of procedure. Even though he escaped he still found a way (via a friend in our border patrol) to initiate a case against the two who thwarted him. His wounds tell a different story than the one he claims:
"According to TJ Bonner, the Army doctor who treated Aldrete-Davila, [the fleeing story] doesn't hold water. According to Bonner, Aldrete-Davila's entrance wound was on the left side of his left buttock and the bullet was found in his right side.

That entry wound is not consistent with someone fleeing. Rather, it looks like someone taking the "bladed stance," i.e., pointing a gun at someone. The stance would come from someone firing a gun in his left hand. Bonner says Aldrete-Davila is, in fact, left-handed."

What's even more incredible? The admitted felon, drug smuggler and illegal immigrant who was granted immunity by the federal government in order to testify against the border agents, is now suing the federal government for $5 million.

See these links:

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Blogger Crystal said...

Ok not much I can say to this but "utterly ridculous".

6:23 PM, February 16, 2007  
Anonymous Kimi said...

WAAAA....What happened to my blog? Do you know what happened to Kristi's blog? I'm a million miles away and I don't know what's happening.....

7:04 PM, February 24, 2007  
Anonymous Kat said...

Hey now, watch it Mister. There's a lot of good Texans out there... Admitedly, most of them don't live in Texas anymore...

7:09 PM, February 24, 2007  
Blogger Mark R said...

Kimi... Tech support is on it.

Kat... believe me, when I say they should secede, I'm saying it would be best for them in order to provide the sovereign protections the federal government seems to be denying them

8:22 PM, February 24, 2007  

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