Saturday, July 24, 2010

'The Game of Death'

The wise of this world will never understand.

A while ago, I heard about this and fully intended to post about it. Considering the months that have intervened, perhaps its old news to some. This french "game show" was a new twist on an old experiment which was designed to test the limits of human decency.
(Unsuspecting contestants) were urged on by a baying studio audience and a well-known TV hostess to give electric shocks, up to fatal levels, to an unseen, screaming contestant if he gave the wrong answer to a question.

However, they did not know that the pilot show was a spoof and that the screaming contestant was actually an actor, who was identified as Jean-Paul.

Sixty-four of them -- 80 percent -- administered the fatal dose of 460V, even when the "victim" begged for mercy or fell silent.

The only reason this kind of shock experiment is successful is because we have convinced ourselves that we aren't capable of such behavior. We deny. We rationalize. Even those who should know better (those who call themselves by the name of Christ) believe that man is "basically good."

Sad this kind of thing even makes an impact.

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