Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Franken outsources his recount advice

Is Minnesota as stupid today as Washington was in 2004? I have my doubts -- but then, I've only seen Washington.

The senate recount is heating up. And Washington's Evergreen Freedom Foundation recently posted (via the Wall Street Journal) that Al Franken is getting advice from one of Washington state's professional election thieves, Paul Berendt, a former chair of the Washington Democratic Party.
With that kind of advisor, its no wonder the Franken campaign is trying to salvage any ballots possible, including absentees rejected due to lack of signature or valid registration. Fund does a good job of relating how that very issue turned the tide for Gregoire in 2004, and it could do the same for Franken.

Every vote counts ... including non-votes!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bush's loosened tongue

Our president is making a hard push to defend American capitalism. If only he was doing this his whole term and working to push our economic system toward something free. His current defense acts as if we are already free. We aren't but I'm glad he pushing back against those ready to completely destroy the free market.

Here is the story about his speech in New York and an excerpt below.
"Ultimately, the best evidence for free market capitalism is its performance compared to other economic systems," Mr. Bush said Thursday. "Free markets allowed Japan -- an island nation with few natural resources -- to recover from war and grow into the world's second-largest economy. Free markets allowed South Korea to make itself one of the most technologically advanced societies in the world. Free markets turned small areas like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan into global economic players. And today, the success of the world's largest economies comes from their embrace of free markets.

"Meanwhile, nations that have pursued other models have experienced devastating results. Soviet communism starved millions, bankrupted an empire, and collapsed as decisively as the Berlin Wall. Cuba, once known for its vast fields of cane, is now forced to ration sugar. And while Iran sits atop giant oil reserves, its people cannot put enough gasoline in their cars.

"The record is unmistakable: If you seek economic growth, if you seek opportunity, if you seek social justice and human dignity, the free market system is the way. The triumph of free market capitalism has been proven across time, geography, culture, and faith. And it would a terrible mistake to allow a few months of crisis to undermine 60 years of success."


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

More stupid reporters

From the Associated Press
Sara Lepro and Tim Paradis, (AP business writers)
A case of postelection nerves sent Wall Street plunging Wednesday as investors, looking past Barack Obama's presidential victory, returned to their fears of a deep and protracted recession.
Oops...didn't you mean "...looking DIRECTLY AT Barack Obama's presidential victory..."

So tired of watching these people embarrass themselves!

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Taking stock

Do you feel depressed and ready to disengage from the body politic? Do you feel a bit helpless, knowing those who represent your point of view hold little official power anymore (especially here in Washington State)? Do you feel a bit bitter perhaps? How about fearful?

I only name those options off because I can relate to every one of those feelings to some degree. Just hold on, though. Go ahead and think what you want about the election, but keep in mind a few things:

1) "The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord, like the rivers of water. He turns it wherever He wishes." God is sovereign.

2) We did not just elect preacher in chief. If you are a Christian, commit yourself anew to shedding the light of Christ -- the only REAL power to change hearts and lives. Use the left's hysterical focus of adoration on a mere man as a reminder to focus YOUR faith on the "Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." Stop looking to government and political figures for your salvation.

3) Lastly (appropriately so), don't be afraid to get involved yet again in the process of electing our leaders. Remember, that doesn't mean placing faith in them. Do it because the essence of God's law is to love your neighbor as yourself, and that means seek his good in every area. Also, educate yourself on the issues. I don't mean read talking points. I mean, learn to understand what you believe more perfectly (or adjust them if need be. Don't settle for a superficial understanding of the free market and capitalism. Learn the origins of the concept of private property and free speech. Learn to study history IN DETAIL and don't doom yourself to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Here's a video I thought you might be interested in watching if you have the time.