Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Coffee Speak

"Double, grande, whip-whip, non-fat, decaf, white chocolate mocha…"

You know, I thought I had a pretty good command of the English language, and maybe I do. Maybe what I hear so often from the Starbucks baristas is actually not a rightful part of the English language! Yes, I like to think of this as a different language. After all, what could it possibly have to do with me? I walk into a place like Starbucks and ask for coffee. Only once has someone asked me what kind of specific brew I preferred! I gave a kind of blank look and refrained from telling them what was really running through my head: Wow, there's actually an alternative to stuff I've been drinking--the stuff which tastes worse than burnt. Hmmm, maybe there is hope for this place after all!

Now, don't get me wrong--I do appreciate a place like Starbucks for the whole product they offer: a low-key, open, convenient, coffee shop with good business sense. I just don't know what to make of the stuff they serve. I hear some people tell me they like the "specialty drinks" ... The what? OH! That must have something to do with the strings of unfamiliar vocalization that I so often mistake for a foreign language! I guess I understand--up to a point. I understand that I don't have time to learn a foreign language while also working and taking classes down the road from this coffee shop. I understand that I will just have to put up with the one or two of the pathetic "basic brews" they offer to illiterate students like me.

Till then, I will not worry that my morning brew doesn't come with a charming, or rather, a fantastically long description. You tell me what the difference is between a wet or dry cappuccino, a caramel latte or a macchiato...or even better: a coffee or a COFFEE!


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Blogger Pepper_Kitty said...

So sad, but its your fault your stuck with the base ingredients to the much more extravagant and vast variety of specialty drinks. It doesn't take that long to learn the lingo, and once learned, well worth the effort. Some day you WILL order a specialty drink; I just hope I can be there to watch you try. ;)

9:11 PM, November 13, 2004  
Blogger Mark R said...

Well, where were you tonight when I once again had a plain drip coffee from starbucks? :)

11:32 PM, November 13, 2004  

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