Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Working and singing in presidential fashion

NOTE: If this post reads a little like I'm rushed, I apologize! I am rushed because I should have been in bed a while ago.

We started our church Young Peoples meetings this Sunday evening and it went well, all things considered. We had elections and as it turns out, I am president for another year... I don't think I considered that possibility enough before the meeting or I might have tried to push a "term limits" rule through before the elections started. I don't mind really. I can joke all I want about term limits or what have you, but I when it comes down to brass tax, I love playing an important part in something like this. I've already learned so much and it is great to get stuff done as efficiently as possible. We've got so much to work on this year that I can't fully imagine how important that simple concept of efficiency will be! Our church will host our federation's youth conference next summer, and our small youth group choir will also produce our second album as well... That's just the tip of the iceberg (excuse the cliché).

Monday was the start of a new pattern. For one, I started a new job. It's not like a job in the sense that I have to try really hard to keep it working for my schedule but it's a job none the less and for that fact I am grateful! I'm helping my uncle Paul (a contractor/home builder) on some small tasks which are available. It's nice to be earning something again. Tomorrow I won't be working so I can get some much needed study done--that's how flexible uncle Paul is! I'm really thankful and hope I can really be useful.

Monday was just a short job and when I got home at about 6 p.m. I remembered that we had our first choir practice for Handel's Messiah a 7! That is with a local choir in Lynden. Things just continue to pile up! The practice went well, though, and I'm all excited at the prospect of singing this section of music for the 4th time (or is it the 5th--I don't remember). I will never tire of it--it's just not possible. My favorite piece is "Worthy is the Lamb." I love the simplicity and import of the words taken straight from Revelation.

I had better take advantage of what little time I have for sleep now.
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Blogger Kristi said...

yes,..."Worthy is the Lamb" is one of the best. So simple, yet so powerful.
All of Handel's Messiah is that way. I can't wait to sing it again!

1:02 AM, October 14, 2004  

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