Monday, November 29, 2004

Here in the real world

From time to time, recently, I've toyed with the idea that this last big spat of political/philosophical blogging represents, not me, but a very different version of me. The problem with that theory is that everyone who knows me at all would just roll their eyes at it. Everyone knows that I am more than willing to talk politics to a receptive audience.

Nevermind though. I'm just posting about life--in whatever form it happens to take.

"Life" here at Western is humming right along. I have but one major hurdle left in each of my classes--it's nice that we are at that point, where the only thing between me and break is finals. That means I have a little less than two weeks to get them behind me--nothing else to worry about... Not here at least.

Next quarter, as I expected, remains somewhat a mystery. Yes, I am registered and I know what classes I will be chewing on. That doesn’t, however, solve the problem of what whether it will work. I'm going to be on the Western Front, writing just as furiously and obnoxiously as I can. On top of that I have another Reporting class which, according to department guidelines, is not allowed to be taken simultaneously with the Front... It's true that those two classes only add up to 7 credits, but that is not the point. The specter of conflicting deadlines has raised its ugly head and looms ominously over my own self-doubt. God knows what's best, though. I consider it pretty amazing that this schedule worked out in the first place and I can only trust that God has a reason for making it work.

The other class I'm taking is...well, it's another political science. Imagine that!

I'm also doing another rather interesting thing this week. We, the Lynden Choral Society will be performing the Christmas portion of Handel's Messiah. Yeah, that's not really the interesting part, considering that I have done this for quite a few years in a row now. The interesting thing is that I'm going to do a solo--owh! My hands just got really sweaty! Seriously...

That will be fine I'm sure. I'm kind of a last resort anyway so I don't see anyone complaining too much if I botch it; be assured I don't plan on doing so. I will still give it my all. Tonight is dress rehearsal and I hope to practice a little before then.

In other news...

No, that can wait till another post.
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Blogger Rebekah said...

Hey you!
You continue to amaze me with your ability to keep up with life when life is so full of more and more work to be done! Wow. I'll never stop wondering how college students manage it.

By the way, you were awsome at dress rehearsal--keep it up!

4:12 PM, November 30, 2004  
Blogger Jason Frank. said...

Mark, for shame! You never told me you were doing a solo! Which one are you doing?

(wishing I could be there to hear you guys sing ...)

8:14 AM, December 01, 2004  
Blogger Mark R said...

That's quite a concept Jason--to tell you something requires a little more effort than it sounds on the surface. :) But that is because your schedule is about three times a hard as mine. (take heed Beka)

The real reason you only just found out is because it was a last minute thing for me as well. Simple as that. And I do wish you could be here this year--too bad. The tenors are lost without you. Well, sort of and not really. :)

10:20 AM, December 01, 2004  

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