Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Secular vs.Islamic terrorism: pick your poison

Trouble in Europe. And we thought the fighting was in the Middle East! The back and forth terrorist war between Muslim extremist and equally violent anti-Muslims, has really taken an ugly turn. It's really interesting that secular elites around here are prone to accusing the Christian community of being too intolerant of the Muslim faith and other religions. What a ridiculous thought. I can't help but think that the ones who are prone to thinking this would be the same ones fighting a secular terrorist war against Muslims who don't turn the other cheek.

It's hard to see where the Church fits into the mix when these kinds of groups start their little catfights. There have been attacks on European Protestants but for some reason, I can't really make out which group is responsible. I get the idea they are not Muslim attacks, considering the Protestants have shown sympathy to the Muslim community. Someone correct me if I'm wrong or point me to some good sources.

As Christians, we may do what we can to win Muslim hearts, but to think we would be as irrational as the secular European masses in our treatment of them is a little over the top. I actually believe America is the safest place for Muslims in this day and age. I can't imagine why not, considering the religious incitement to terror in the Middle and South East, the secular hatred in Europe, and the general lower quality of life in comparison, it's really interesting to imagine a rational Muslim choosing anywhere else to live. For now, at least most of our secular forces are focused on the problem of Christianity and our “moral values.” True, the day may come when the American Muslim community feels the same pressure as in Europe, but until the level of intelligence on all sides has fallen off a little more, I think we are pretty safe.
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