Saturday, November 13, 2004

Word shopping

I'm quite fond of the written word. Yeah, I think I've made that clear in the past. Do you then find it odd that I would go into a campus store and drool over paper pads, pens, binders and pencils? I'm hoping you won't find it odd. It's just something I do--my version of window shopping I think. I can sit there and get excite about the way a certain kind of pen feels as it slides gently across the page in my firm grasp. I can get excited about all the potential a certain pad design might hold for certain usages. I can get excited when I look at the array of choices before me and imagine everything at my full command. Efficiency would not then be needed and I could use this or that at any little whim. I might mix and match this stylish folder with that planner; that pencil with this eraser; this weight of printer paper with that handsome set of envelopes. Indeed, the possibilities would never end. I would buy up all the computer hard and software I could possibly want and have it all accompanied by my own personal laptop--naturally, with its own beautiful carrying case for protection and convenient travel.

Would you be surprise if I said I had made far too many unnecessary trips to that store, just to browse and buy an occasional fancy pen? Did someone say I was addicted to coffee?
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