Wednesday, November 17, 2004


I've been pretty up-beat in the past about the race for governor here in Washington State. Dino Rossi is sixty-four votes ahead at this point! That's after being nineteen ahead last night. FREAKY!

I don't like what I am hearing, though, for two reasons. 1, this race is not getting much national attention by the conservative media, 2, there are so many decisions being won in court by the Democrats. This combined with the RECORD number of provisional ballots being validated in heavy Democratic counties has me fidgeting.

For that matter, I still can't figure out why Rossi didn't win Whatcom County. There was so much positive response when I helped campaign, I just can't see the county making so much of a switch considering its past record. Weird. I feel like this state (and county) is really mixed up--maybe everyone is drugged up and just casting random votes. Maybe we are looking at corruption at unprecedented levels. Maybe there has been a massive shift in the conservative north county to liberal philosophy. What's going on?!

One thing IS certain: The Democrats are in a general state of panic. They have so much to lose in this race; they are pulling all stops to win. It's a miracle we don't see different numbers as it is.

Life goes on. And so will the counting and recounting!
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