Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Accident prone elites

In my mind and the minds of the people I work with, this is a magical, mystical kingdom -- our version of Camelot. And we feel we are working at a kind of roundtable of King Arthur proportions. Now, it may be that this kingdom exists only in our minds. But that makes it no less real for those of us who live it every day.

Think you can guess who said this and what it was referencing? No, I don't think you can unless you have already read the article at this link.

It's the formerly so mighty Dan Rather about a year ago. Someone tell me whether I'm supposed to laugh or cry. For all the denials of media elitism, Rather certainly let it out of the bag with that statement. Even if the whole document fiasco didn't happen, one would think that Rather's days would have been numbered much earlier.

How on earth can a journalist think of himself and the news corporation that employs him in such terms?

I guess it wouldn't hurt anything to just laugh. He seems to be someone who is totally accident prone and it's pretty entertaining to follow. I mean how else do you explain his dogged defense of the Bush memos? Accident prone...or perhaps "poor judgment" prone.

Is there a good acronym for CBS with the C standing for Camelot?
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