Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Blogging WWU

I don't know that it matters at this point. I'm working on another 'project'...yes, I suppose it is safe to describe it that way. At first glance, it's just another blog. What could be more uninteresting?! Well, now for the point and purpose. I'm thinking a lot lately about the things I want to do before I finish at Western. As I've already mentioned in the past, I like the idea of a conservative student publication. Something in print was my initial intention--an intention I have not really given up either. I just mean to start with a blog.

As soon as January rolls around and I'm back at Western, hard at work for the Winter quarter, I'm hoping to get a little more involved in the college republicans again. I'm hoping to look for writers among them--conservative student writers willing to be contributors on the blog. Honestly I don't know what kind of response I'm in for. If I can get his hypothetical group of contributing writers, I will then proceed to get some interesting posting and dynamic prose onto action with a strong conservative message.

We will then hopefully get the word out on campus so people know we are there--we will have to open up the commenting completely in order for students to feel it is worth reading. I'm sure that will include a fair bit of hate mail but that's life and it's what students are used to doing--just as long as we don't resort to language that is beneath us.

I don't intend to be a rabble-rouser--that would be pointless. The posting done by our contributors will be intended to make people think, to call attention to any weirdities (for lake of a better word) on campus and perhaps generate enough recognition so that it won't come as a surprise when an alternative student newspaper shows up on campus...someday.
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Blogger Kristi said...

go for it!

10:13 PM, December 08, 2004  
Blogger Mark R said...

Ok...I guess I will! :)

11:30 AM, December 10, 2004  
Blogger Wheelson said...

You know what I've always thought would be cool? A publication where stories and issues are analyzed, rather than reported, by authors of different viewpoints. As an interesting exercise, it would be fun to force the authors to switch sides every once in a while, but that might not make for exciting reading. But two authors debating the topics, I think, would be a fresh take on a publication.

That way, the publication couldn't be accused of being biased one way or the other. It would be openly biased in every direction thereby making it not biased. It would also help readers carefully consider the issues by reading well thought out arguments rather than pointless yelling a la CNN.

So, what about a blog where authors of different leanings are invited?

1:19 PM, December 14, 2004  
Blogger Mark R said...

Well, I won't say that it wouldn't be interesting--that's a matter of taste. However, I must disagree that it would be a "fresh take." There are plenty of publications that aspire to seriously offering multiple points of views--whether they are successful or not is relative to say the least.

But before we even consider that, I don't think we are on the same page when you talk about "bias." In this context, my reaction is "of course I'm biased." Am I afraid to have an opinion? No; so why on earth should I be afraid of being accused of bias? The only reason to be afraid of bias is if you are claiming to not have an opinion (i.e. news reporting) Not only that, but this publication is intended to correct what we consider to be an imbalance in the first place, on university campuses.

And to top it all off...

There's a wonderful thing called comments that are included on most blogger's pages--that's right, like this comment. I don't think there needs to be liberal contributors on a conservative owned blog when most of the commenters could conceivably be liberal anyway...or is that just my bias speaking?

12:15 AM, December 15, 2004  

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