Thursday, December 02, 2004

Going back

Today was kind of off the wall. I ended up making a trip, the nature of which is too lengthy and odd-ball to explain in any effectual way. Let me just say that it caused me to miss the Bible study I usually attend--I didn't get the chance to tell anyone either so that was bad considering the small group.

On my way home, however, I found myself on Highway 20 east at 8 p.m. It dawned on me that Skagit CAP was in the middle of their weekly meeting just a mile away. I made a snap decision and turned off onto the road to the airport.

I drove in, knowing I couldn't stay till the end of the meeting, telling myself that I didn't want to get in anyone's way--and mom was expecting me home too. I parked in the crowded lot, got out and stopped. I looked over the building and slowly walked forward, paying close attention to the windows.

You must understand that I haven't been to a meeting since early August, so I kind of felt like I was part of past history already for this lonely old building. There were senior members and cadets I didn't yet know, working away at whatever business was at hand and I was not even sure what door to try anymore. I am still a cadet--for another couple months. Yet my cadet role was over and I felt more comfortable going in the senior side of the 60-year-old building even though I knew they would be busy...

I stopped in front and finally turned toward the cadet door. I could hear a presentation being made inside. I got the impression that the first sergeant was making a graded speech. My suspicion was confirmed when Todd came out and told me I might as well hang out with the seniors till he was done grading.

The rest of the meeting was a bit overwhelming. I found myself sitting in on a staff meeting till I left again 20 minutes later. I was stunned by what I was hearing. My face must have been an open book because an old friend leaned over and told me that I picked a lousy time to go inactive. I had to agree. There's no way of breaking it down clearly enough for a general audience so let me just say that the squadron is at least 200 percent beyond what anyone would have predicted 6 months ago.

I'll probably go back some day. There's no question that I can't right now. It would be impossible and foolhardy to even consider it at the moment. But I will when I can. Till then, there is a Public Affairs position that is open for when I get on board again.

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Blogger Pepper_Kitty said...

Not to sound pessimistic, but it honestly doesn't sound like your ever going back, and by reading your bog, it seems like you know too. I could be wrong, hopefully?

8:17 PM, December 04, 2004  
Blogger Mark R said...

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8:40 PM, December 04, 2004  
Blogger Mark R said...

Jen, you could be right. I don't know--I don't think I should stress about it. If I do come back it will be one of two ways: 1, I wait till I'm old and retired and get everyone annoyed with continuous 'war stories' about my days as cadet commander. 2, I go back at the first moment I can--maybe even before that--and get really active and make it a life-long venture.

Frankly, I don't know which I favor.

12:29 PM, December 06, 2004  
Blogger Rebekah said...

It is hard for me to remember a time when you or Nate were not involved up to the neck at Skagit. So although it can't feel as weird for me as for you, it still does to a large degree. You not being there is like the sun not rising in the morning. They say that you can't "grow" on to better things walking backwards with your face towards the past, but its still not very fun is it?

4:00 PM, December 06, 2004  

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