Monday, December 06, 2004

Messiah and recess

I'm liking it--the idea that I have but a couple assignments left to grace my plate. One final down, another virtually done. Just one more paper to write, just one more work to complete. I'm going to enjoy this Christmas season.

The Messiah performance was good. There was nothing extra spectacular about it--but I contradict myself. Handel's Messiah is always spectacular. I enjoyed it and appreciated it as much as I ever do. The bittersweet addition this year was a brass quintet. They were good--up to a point. They performed the pastoral symphony very well. The lead trumpeter played in "Glory to God," the "Hallelujah Chorus," and—unfortunately—"Worthy is the Lamb."

The problem was not the song. It was a matter of keeping time. He didn't do so well on that last song and unfortunately it wreaked a certain amount of havoc on the rest of us. That’s the short version. We still ended on a good cord—pun intended.

Back to writing this paper, though...
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