Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Late in the game

I just have to post this because something about my sanity depends on it.

I just returned from the County Council meeting. It ended up going till after 1 a.m. The big deal was the building moratorium again, but with a lovely array of twists and turns. It was nuts as usual, but this time it had the added perk of being boring. I can't get into all the details--I don't have time and I have a deadline in a little while. There's a story to write.

I gave a fellow student a ride home. He's a really interesting guy. He is the most despised student in the class and yet, after tonight, I am determined to have more respect for him. It's his conduct in the classroom which makes everyone talk behind his back and roll eyes at every little noise that he makes. The problem that most have with him is that he tends to ask really dumb questions and then make little noises when he hears something he thinks is interesting. He has something on the rest of us though:

He got a better grade than most of the class on our last County Council assignment. Tonight when we were talking on the way home, he mentioned how much work he put into it last time. He said he slept the whole night and woke up late in the morning. Then he spent two hours crafting the story that beat out most of the class. Most of us stayed up all night.

After dropping him off, I took the path home. I needed something to cleanse my mind of the 6 hour ordeal it had just endured. I turned the radio dial to a country station and came up with Terri Clark! There's nothing more unsophisticated than her, so I cranked it up, my mind needed a rest from stiff parliamentary order to which it had just been subjected.
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Blogger Rebekah said...

Its usually that way isn't it? The weirdos end up being allot more worthy than you expect--I remember with chagrine the times when I've thoroughly despised someone for being unpopular or weird...

10:42 AM, February 12, 2005  

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