Sunday, January 16, 2005

Concerning blog titles

There's been a title change here--in case you hadn't notice by now. Many haven't considering the fact it was just last night that this blog changed from "and the Lamb is its light" to simply "Meneltarma."

Need a reason?

I liked my previous title. It was meant to go hand in hand with the verses up there--it comes from the same chapter in Revelation. It was a meaningful title. However, I think Meneltarma, which is one of my favorite Tolkien images of the Kingdom of God on earth (or in simpler terms: the Church), deserved a place in more than just the URL. It was always meant to go with the verses, but I am just making the connection a little more direct.

It's a versatile, simple and practical title as well. Just one word, and I don't think anyone will care too much if they don't grasp my reasons for using it. While my brothers and sisters in Christ will understand my meaning, others will simply look on it as another spin-off from my budding Tolkien scholarship.
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