Monday, January 31, 2005

That grass is greener

Here's a little update on my activities in the blogosphere
(in case you are interested).

The Western blog continues to grow. We now have a few contributors and I am enjoying the luxury of seeing another's work appear for once. I'm testing out some google ads that I have signed up for. If I can generate any revenue, I will put it all back into the blog. I really would like to secure a few domains sometime but I don't have any spare change right now. The other option is that I could ask some organizations to sponsor it. That way, they could provided some space on their server and help with the domain cost and we would give them full credit. I haven't given it a lot of thought yet because I am trying to see what will happen with these ads.

Taking in more space

I just joined the Conservative Northwest Blogging Alliance, which means I am writing on their blog, Head West, Turn Right (HWTR). You will note that I have added a special links section to the left for my other writing ventures. Do check it out. Note that there will be a lot of crossposting between blogs but most of my everyday political posting will be on HWTR. Western Unraveled is meant to be more university related.

And finally...

This blog has been added to the prolife blogs listing. (linked under "Politics") That means every single post from here gets syndicated on their site (including this post). It also means I will make a greater effort to blog on life issues. In the future, I will see about getting better email contact up so people can contact me a little easier. I have tended to be a bit reclusive about email addresses. All that is past though.

Anyway, I'll see you around.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, I previously saw that you were listed under the prolife blogs listing :) (wait, maybe it was something else...hmmm, anyways, your blog was on *some* listing :)
Anyhow, I'll look foward to reading future posts on this.

10:30 PM, January 31, 2005  

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