Monday, April 04, 2005

Cranking it up

Resignation call number two:

Sound Politics reports that another King County councilmember has joined Reagan Dunn in calling on Dean Logan to step down. Here's the letter Steve Hammond sent to Mr. Logan:

I regret to inform you that last week’s revelations concerning the discovery of first 87 and now possibly 93 uncounted absentee ballots has, on top of the failure to yet provide a full accounting of unverified ballots processed through Accuvote machines, eroded my confidence in your ability to successfully perform the duties of your office. Furthermore, I believe that the series of ballot handling errors, combined with the highly questionable decision to permit post election “curing” of ballot signatures, has erodedconfidence among the public in your ability to effectively manage King County elections.

I believe it would best serve King County’s citizens if you would consider stepping down as Director of Records and Elections in time for us to find a successor this summer.

Steve Hammond
Metropolitan King County Council, District 9
Attn: Ron Sims...
Can you read wall writing?
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Blogger Raphael said...

What is this comment referring to? Is this still about the election of the Washington State governor? Ha! We liberals are one up on you conservatives. You just sat back and tried to use the legal system to beat us. We knew we'd win because it isn't about playing fair. We going to have Gregoire in office. You still play by the courts. We don't play the legal game. We sweated a bit thinking you might get in our face, but it wasn't all that bad. Give it a little time and you'll forget about it. Besides she's been in a while now, why changed it?

10:32 AM, April 05, 2005  
Blogger Mark R said...

Yes, Raph

A very insightful satire. hehe. For a minute I didn't know who I was reading.

10:28 AM, April 07, 2005  

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