Thursday, March 31, 2005

Protesters 'surprisingly civil'

Hat tip to reader Kat for this one.

I suppose this kind of journalism is more typical of TV news--hence I have never seen something like this.

It's a "citizen's report," an actual contribution to MSNBC for publication. It is unique in that it is just an account of someone who went to Schiavo's hospice to support what he calls the "rule of law" (code for "judges are supreme") and, in the process, encountered something he did not expect.

I was offered ice water by some of the Christians. I nodded pleasant friendly greetings to various folks I'd debated. Actually, it was a strangely warm welcoming gathering. Several of the Save-Terri crowd ended our conversations saying, "Well, we disagree but that's what America is for, right?

He also blathers on about a few other useless issues but I'm sure you will find it an interesting read--an interesting change from getting news in the typical inverted pyramid (news style).
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Blogger Chris said...

Ummm....I can't tell if you wrote this before you knew if Terri had passed away or not.

7:00 PM, April 01, 2005  
Blogger Mark R said...

It doesn't really matter chris. It was something a friend sent me early this week anyway.

11:25 PM, April 01, 2005  

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