Saturday, October 21, 2006

Follow the bouncing (rubber) ball

Someone has too much time and energy...or he's just incredibly persistant and methodical. I mean, if I were bored, I certainly wouldn't think of making a 3000 lb rubberband ball.

Read it here--probably a new world record for the man from Eugene Oregon.
(Steve) Milton has posted updates of his ball's growing girth on his MySpace page. He's also uploaded videos of the ball crushing things, such as using a forklift to drop the ball on an old van.

"It was awesome," Milton told The Register-Guard newspaper. "It completely flattened the roof and blew the doors off."

...Dykema (Rubber Band Company) president Lou McKibben said he realized Milton was serious when he got an order for 1,000 pounds of 12-inch rubber bands. He cut him a deal on the remaining 2,000 pounds.
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Blogger Crystal said...

Oh my! I wanted to see a picture because I am having a hard time imagining this but no pic seems to be found. Oh well. I guess I will surive the day without it. This reminds me of the story I read about the guy who put on a record number of t-shirts not too long ago. I forget how many it was but it took 4+ hrs. to put them on and thye weighed 120 lbs.

9:35 AM, October 22, 2006  

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