Thursday, November 04, 2004

Campus wildlife

Life is strange since the elections took place. I'm not sure life is supposed to hold so much oddity. There seems to be a greater abundance of wildlife running around on campus. I should have seen it coming really when, on Election Day, I was standing in red square and some Green Party supporters/socialists started campaigning for their anti-two party cause. We and the Western Democrats were already handing out stickers of our candidates--the greens stood together and seemed to be finding comfort in each other's presence. It was an animated discussion they were having among themselves. A few of them broke off and proceeded to hand out this flier:

I didn't bother thinking about it since the elections were that night. Then this morning, after the "protest," I heard that 300 had participated--it was big enough to block traffic in downtown Bellingham and get in the news. No matter, it was none of my affair. I don't know how many knew what they were protesting but as you can see it was intended to be a socialist festival of sorts. Although, I think it ended up being a place for disappointed Kerry supporters to cry about the unfairness of the world; I refuse to believe there could be 300 kids all in one place, who detest both major parties with a passion and subscribe to green/socialist policy.

The same day (the 3rd), there was also a flag-burner in the square who haggled it out with someone who didn't want him to burn it. My source told me that the two went back and forth, lighting it, putting it out, lighting it, putting it out, dousing it with gas, lighting it, throwing it in the fountain... I'm not quite sure how it all ended. The Journalism dept. didn't get wind of it and apparently couldn't find anyone who knew enough to write a story for the paper.

Later today, I was at the Underground Coffeehouse contentedly studying by the window when I happened to look out toward the bay to enjoy the evening view. All was wonderful and calm...till I noticed that the flag on the building in the foreground was being flown upsidedown... I'd say wildlife can be temperamental sometimes!

Tonight, I also went to the Bible Study group I've been attending--finally a few humans to commune with. As I took my leave, driving through campus, I saw another interesting sight: a deer walking across the street from the parking lot to the tennis courts. I shouldn't have been surprized; I'm sure the deer felt a strong kinship among the rest of the campus wildlife...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do we have to live in *the most* liberal place on earth? It's hard not to become polarized oneself in the face of such insanity! Click here to see what the country if really like. Life in the Puget Sewer can be so agrivating for the non-liberal. I call it that, not because it's ugly around here, but only because close to the water, people seem to get stupid!

9:58 PM, November 12, 2004  
Blogger Mark R said...

I don't know that we are the most liberal. I know we have a lot of liberals/socialists--but also a huge spread of different people who aren't always noticed.

Just curious who Anonymous is. Would you care to enlighten me?

11:53 PM, November 12, 2004  

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