Monday, November 01, 2004

Stickers in the wind

Just the sight of the wind blowing the rain across campus isn't all that is impressive at this very moment. The sound mixed into the fury is also enough to make anyone stop and pause--or run if they don't have a hat and want to avoid hypothermia. It wasn't quite so windy a little bit ago when I stood on the outskirts of Red Square and handed out campaign stickers to anyone who would give me a second glance. It was cold though...

I think the most entertaining part of campaigning is making very good eye contact and trying to make someone smile even though you know they don't agree with you. A few friendly words to go with it are a big help as well. Today, the biggest challenge to a smile was the horrid weather. You have to wonder if the smile is taken as sincere when the person smiling is clumsily tearing off sticker after sticker, trying to keep his knees from quivering and repeating the same lines over and over, often times to people who wouldn't give him the time of day.

"Would you like a Nethercutt sticker? Want a sticker? George Nethercutt for Senate. Ok, have a good one... Would you like a Bush sticker? Thank you, have a good day...."

Never mind the fact that half of that diologue is without any response at all. And just think: two more days and all those stickers will be obsolete anyway...
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Blogger Pepper_Kitty said...

I appreciate your patriotism, its good to know that there is someone out there doing it.

9:05 PM, November 13, 2004  

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