Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Who's got the power?

For all the fancy rhetoric about the world backing a Kerry/Edwards presidency, you'd never know it with the response to Bush's pending re-election. There seems to be a whole-sale stampede of diplomatic gibberish headed in the general direction of our nation's capital. Why is all the conciliatory twaddle in the wind?

Folks, if you expected this kind of a response only to a Kerry victory, I hope you won't be too disappointed to discover that the true reason for this gushing to Bush is really out of fear of you and me! They think they can beat an unpopular president they disagree with, but not a popular one. It's the people behind the leader that the corrupt rulers of the world fear! You and I didn't do what they needed (send Bush home to Texas) to keep a steady opposition to the Bush doctrine.

Out of this whirlwind of flowery rubbish, one can almost see the image of King David after Absalom's final defeat. All the bravado is gone and there is now a crowd of blathering slaves begging for forgiveness at the feet of the king.

I don't know people; maybe I'm taking this too far! Even so, I just can't help but flip-flop between a benevolent smile and a good long eye-rolling.

And in Jackie’s words: “Congratulations America.” You are a world power, now that you finally admitted it.
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