Friday, October 22, 2004

One half in a thousand

Yes, I'm keep busy. I'm taking advantage of a class cancellation to provide a minor update on yours truly.

I'm still working away at what classes I have and also brooding over next quarter's menu. I know I will most likely be working on the newspaper--a thought I really don't relish. I'm not horribly fearful and angry, but neither do I relish the thought. I just don't really know what it will be like ultimately. I know I am better prepared then I would have been if I had not gone to Whatcom and worked on the Horizon for so long. It was a good training ground in some ways. In other ways I am just better set up to handle a reporter's plate of goods than I was then. There was such a limit to what I could handle because I was not driving at the time. I couldn't cover much off-campus material. Now, I fully expect to be running around with not a bit of solitude--well, maybe there will be some time to stop and breath but not enough by my standards!

But now...

I am working. That is another important issue. It's something I can't stop doing at this point, no matter what I have to give up as a result. Weekends are for work now, not study and certainly not recreation. The most recreation I get at this point is just talking to friends wherever I happen to find them--at church, at school, other writers, old friends from Whatcom... Of course, the ultimate source of recreation (how could I forget!) is writing about things unconnected with a school assignment--you know, like right now!

I'm not too concerned. Each day is a learning experience from the Lord just as literally as the classes I take. I'm beginning to consider my morning time with Him as the most precious time I spend. It doesn't matter what homework there is to dive into--there's a passage in God's Word waiting for my prayerful consideration every morning. I should not keep it waiting till I have made some progress in my other studies. It's amazing what confidence is granted to someone, if only they just draw nearer to the source of all Wisdom and Grace. He gives so freely and all there is to be done is to ask with all the humility I am capable of expressing...

Folks, I may be going through the motions here at Western, but I hope I never, ever claim to have done anything or be anyone at the end of my journey in this institution. If were to come away with that perspective, I would have failed to learn the deeper lessons which God teaches as we, by Grace, run to Him in our times of struggle and trial. Humility... I sometimes feel like this is a concept completely lost in my twisted, sinful way of thinking. How can I even talk of humility without taking pride in the very act of recognizing my own sinfulness? I'm sure I'm not the only one to be confronted and befuddled by such a minuscule glimpse of the depth of our sin.

"Not one person in a thousand claims to be perfect. Not one person in a thousand understands the seriousness of not being perfect..." -R.C. Sproul
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