Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Professors: the one (or two?) up here

The book makes headlines in the academic world by the simple virtue of its title - "The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America."

My favorate professor (Brad Howard) has lamented that he missed the list. Perhaps it is out of sympathy for his disappointment at being snubbed that I call on Mr. Horowitz to pen a sequel as soon as possible with my favorite professor prominently displayed on the front cover.

But...alas, back to the reality of the book itself. Western is blessed with one professor who was deemed worthy of mention. The Western Front finally published their obligatory protectionist piece on behalf of the besieged Prof. Larry Estrada of Western's Fairhaven College. It can be viewed in the last issue of Winter quarter...and can be found online here. I don’t have anything to add on Mr. Estrada beyond that he has been involved in forming the faculty union recently. I don’t know him, nor anything special about him. Fairhaven College seems in some ways like an isolated nursery. Walking around the faculty offices, absorbing the project displays and door posters, and talking to 6th year seniors forms the basis for my impressions. It’s always seemed like a good place to go for students who don’t want the pressure of living in the world or learning about it for as long as possible.

My copy of "The Professors" arrived the other day. It will keep me great company through spring break I'm sure.

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Blogger Rebekah said...

Aw, shucks! Prof. B.H. didn't make it to the hall of fame? ;)

7:45 PM, March 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what exactly is the reasoning for Larry Estrada being so dangerous? Cause old David doesn't agree with his politics.

Nice comment on me on wwu unraveled. Although I am not the least bit close to communist or a far lefty. But yes my views have changed. Although, being in the wwu republicans even when I favored that party was not my thing. A lot of those kids were ignorant (my opionion) and pathetically religious (my opionion). Just not for me.

P.S. I do actually agree with you on the fairhaven students. That was a good dig:)

10:43 AM, March 19, 2006  
Blogger Mark R said...

You are probably right about my comment--it is a bit unfair.

Horowitz on Estrada:

From what I've gathered from the book, Estrada is best known for his involvment in Mexican/American issues, and apparently advocates the secession of "Atzlan" from the United States. I believe Atzlan is the Mexican government's name for the huge area of land in the Southwest currently being saturated (some suspect with the intention of), creating a dominant Latino separate nation.

Estrada "helped found" the Chicano Student Movement of Atzlan.

That is a side issue though to Horowitz point in the book I think: Professors shouldn't be indoctrinating if they truly believe in diversity (because they don't). The classroom shouldn't be a receptical of liberal dogma--not anymore than conservative dogma.'s a little addition from what I've experienced: Even if a professor is nice enough to say "you don't have to accept my conclusions," he usually proceeds to imply, "but you are a dangerous idiot if you don't."

4:46 PM, March 19, 2006  

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