Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mike Adams on going to church

Few conservative writers out there find the spot where religion and politics truly do meet in a beautiful way like Mike Adams. Part of this is I'm sure because of his background as a former atheist.
Scott told me he had raised his kids in the church and believed in God although he had not been to church regularly in a number of years. He said he felt no guilt over his absence from church. After all, it was a weekend business that kept him from attending. And, besides that, he said he was leading a “moral life” without going to church.

Immediately, I asked myself the crucial question: “How does one know he lives a moral life if he does not ever attend church?”...

...Life is full of uncertainty but without God two things really are certain: We will make a mess of our lives, and we will help others do the same.

Give the full article a read and don't hesitate to act on his concluding advice if you can.


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