Thursday, August 09, 2007

Learning here and there

What happened? Funny thing, I thought I was going to post more while I had the Tribune internship. I'm in my last week and I certainly didn't do much on here. It makes sense though. It's not like I could just up and post while I'm at the office and when I'm not at the office, I'm running around between my other job and taking others places or going places myself and seeing certain people...etc. (sometimes a run-on sentence is appropriate)

Milts Pizza Place started a very new thing: an outdoor movie. They are projecting it on the side of the building next door and playing family movies on Thursday nights this month -- a brilliant stroke if you ask me. The movie they played tonight was "Because of Winn-Dixie." I remember when it came out but I hadn't seen it. I found if very thought provoking and artful. It's not really incredibly deep as it is very creative. I mean, who thought to include candy in the plot; candy that is sweet and sad at the same time... I don't know -- that just struck me: tasting sadness. It's obviously based on the book because I've never seen a screen writer come up with this kind of simple brilliance on his own.

Struggles. Progress. Failure. Agony. Joy.

I guess that helps a bit to describe my life lately.
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Blogger Rebekah said...

Hey--thanks for the promo. :) Everyone: come check it out on Thursday. It really is pretty awesome--popcorn too.

11:31 AM, August 14, 2007  

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